Our Sunday mornings are a time of celebration.  We gather together with the express desire to celebrate what Jesus has done with, for and through us during the week.  We often have a powerful time where we encourage people to express testimonies to bring hope to others.  Music is an important part of our morning as we worship in concert with the Holy Spirit leading what songs we sing. You might experience a few songs or a number of songs.  Some are celebratory, some are focused on Jesus and who He is. It varies from week to week-there is no agenda and no hurry.  We often take time to pray for each other, lifting up needs and celebrating victories through Jesus.  We celebrate through giving.  We celebrate with a powerful, focused message from God’s Word, meant to challenge, encourage, and equip people in Jesus. We have friendly people who welcome visitors with a smile and greeting.  We would love to have you join us!